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Send a Request

Sending a request is easy - simply browse to the 'Create Request' section and fill out the form. You can also use our 'Quick Request' option which is available through the shortcuts tab! This request will go through to our admin team who find and recommend talent they think are suitable for your needs.

View Requests

Manage your requests by visiting the 'My Requests' section. You will be able to edit and delete your requests. From here you will also be able to view recommendations that have been made for your requests.

View Recommendations

You can find your recommendations in the 'Recommended Talent' section. You will be able to hire, decline and interview talent here.


Once you find talent that suits your business needs you can schedule an interview with them through the application. Simply invite the talent to the interview and once they accept you will be able to choose your method.


Hired Talent

To view all the talent that you have hired, browse to the 'Hired' section of the application. This section will outline each talent that you have hired, alongside the job they have been hired for. You will also be able to see the total amount you will have to pay them and the estimated duration of the project. From this section you will also be able to upload Purchase Orders for your requests.


Once you hire talent both parties will be required to sign a job contract. You can view and sign these contracts in the 'Contracts' section. Beginning work on the job will not be possible until both sides have signed the contract.


Timesheets enable you to keep track of any work that talent has completed and gives you the opportunity to provide feedback. You can enable timesheets through the hired section of your dashboard.



You will be invoiced for your jobs every 30 days from the start date of your contract. Once this balance has been paid our admin team will process the amount due to the talent.



In the settings section you will be able to make chnages to your profile, it is important to have as much information as possible on your profile.

Team Members

If you have employees in your company that you would like to add to your profile on HyperSync Talent, you can do this through the 'Team Members' section. You can view, add and delete team members and also set their permissions so they only have access to relevant sections of the site. Team members can be added to your interviews.